Ready-made companies

The quick, easy and affordable way to start a new UK or offshore registered company

The simple way to form a limited company

The simple way to form a limited company and to start doing business is to buy a previously registered, dormant company that has never traded. These ready-made off-the-shelf companies do not have any history, liabilities or debts. You will be starting with a completely clean bill of financial health but with a company that has been registered for some time. That can be important when applying for a bank loan or a Government contract.

A previously registered company can be transferred to you within hours and come complete with full documentation such as Memorandum and Articles of Association.

Ready-made companies

It’s a similar process when purchasing offshore, ready-made companies. Offshore company incorporation places your assets out of reach and enables you to own property overseas or operate a bank account whilst maintaining your anonymity. These days you don’t have to wait weeks to incorporate a company offshore or face high fees.

Please contact us for further information on how you can take advantage from buying off-the-shelf ready made companies for the UK or Offshore..